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Ideal Bamboo is a manufactory and exporter of bamboo products located in Fujian. At the beginning, we manufacture bamboo chopsticks /bamboo skewers/toothpick and so on . When the bamboo industry developed, we start to focus on producing bamboo paneling items - flooring, cutting boards, salad bowls, trays, utensils … Now we developed thousand of bamboo products cover the whole line of bamboo industry. The most important we have the stable disposable bamboo products line - disposable bamboo plate , tray, and utensils. and develop the bamboo fiber products which like plastic but it acturally is bamboo.

Ideal bamboo product lines include housewares, kitchenware, office use, bathroom use, disposable line, and other bamboo arts and crafts. Our rich experience in bamboo field will provide our customers the whole lines of bamboo products.

Bamboo products are highly appreciated because not only bamboo can make all kinds of products to instead of wood items but also bamboo is renewable,sustainable resource. We believe our effortss on this environment-friendly material products, would help to make earth greener and help to create a low-CO2 life.

Base in Bamboo Mountian
Standard Workingshop Building
Max. Usage of Whole Bamboo Stalk
Strick Qc Level & Clean packing
Standard Storage Room
Experienced at shipping & Export

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