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As we all know, bamboo is becoming one of the most important renewable material in the world. And it is widely used in different areas. Idealbamboo is a company focus on manufacturing and selling bamboo kitchenware and household products. We are not only producing popular cutting board, trays, knife blocks, but also amazing disposable bamboo plate and bamboo fiber products which only very few factory can make all these products. We are not only modern mechanization produce disposable bamboo plate and bamboo fiber products, but also we inherit and pass on handmade bamboo artwork, we own dozens of years artwork experience workers and hand make the highest quality bamboo natural utensil. So the tradition craft artwork can be inherited.

Our factory is located in the bamboo source; we take advantage of the material source, transportation, and human source. We purchase the fresh bamboo and use the different part for making the different products. So we can provide several categories of bamboo products…

We also have our own development team to support the buyer to develop the satisfied new items. We respect your design and intellectual property. We provide quick response as detail as possible. We are looking for your cooperation in the near future…


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